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ZamZam Capital LLP is a Sharia-compliant investment advisory, also known as Islamic financial advisory which represents a specialized and ethical approach to wealth management and investment strategies in accordance with Islamic principles. We prioritize investments in businesses that comply with Islamic ethics, such as those involved in halal industries, while adhering to principles of risk-sharing and asset-backed financing. By striking a balance between financial goals and moral principles, ZamZam Capital offers a unique avenue for responsible and sustainable wealth growth for those seeking to invest within the framework of Islamic finance.

Grounded in the tenets of Sharia law, we guide individuals and institutions in making financial decisions that align with Islamic values, ensuring that investments are ethically sourced and structured to avoid prohibited elements such as interest (riba) and excessive uncertainty (gharar)


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Sharia Advisor

All our activities are certified as Sharia compliant on an ongoing basis by the Sharia Board of Infinity Consultants



Advisory services involve providing financial advice and recommendations to clients. Financial advisors assess a client’s financial situation, goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences to offer guidance on investment decisions.


Training services in the financial context refer to educational programs, courses, or workshops designed to enhance an individual’s or a group’s knowledge and skills in managing finances and investments.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management involves the active management of an investment portfolio on behalf of an individual or institutional client. Portfolio managers make investment decisions, including asset allocation, security selection, and risk management.

Halal List


ZamZam Capital provides a weekly newsletter to highlight our unique perspectives on the Indian stock market with our twin focus on growth oriented and Sharia compliance.




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